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New Zealand Road Trip Day 9 - Kaikoura


The whale boats were completely sold out and we decided to use the day to walk around the peninsula. Also Thrayee is too small for the whale ride anyways. Sometimes not doing any activity and enjoying the nature is a great blessing and this turned out to be that day.

Kaikoura is a beautiful peninsula with lots of beautiful views and tons of animals and birds. The highlight were the seals and tons of birds. There is a beautiful walk along the place and we did the whole walk up the walking trails and along the waters on the way back. A must do and easy even for my 5 year old.

The long walk was perfect and everyone was tired as we got back to our room by 4:00 pm. It was also my son Aniketh's birthday and he had super fun hogging cray fishes at The Pier Hotel for dinner.

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