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New Zealand Road Trip Day 3 - Milford Sound

Milford Sound comes highly recommended and being high season didn't want to take any chances - booked an open top bus while in Chennai.

Pick up time was 6:45 am....damn!! Have to get everyone up by 6:15 am, grab something to eat and then make it....and we did. We were the first to be picked up which meant we get to choose our seats...yeehaaw. The bus was amazing with unhindered views...been on open top but never in a glass top bus....

After another 45 mins picking everyone up in Queenstown, we began our 600 kms journey back and forth to Milford sound.

The views were just spectacular...should we look left or right. Was like watching a tennis game live. First part of the drive to Te Anau had a lot of farms - sheep, beef (not called cows) and deer. Post coffee stop at Te Anau, we left for the sound. Even more incredible views and commentary on the area kept me engrossed.

We reached Milford sound by 1:00 pm and rushed to pier 5 where our boat was docked. We ran up 2 floors to the open area as I grabbed food from downstairs. It was very windy and you had to grab onto things to even be able to stand.

But it was well worth it ...reminded me and Lakshmi of similar. But a thing of beauty is to be enjoyed and not compared and contrasted. The boat went very close to a waterfall and gave us all a lovely spray. The weather was lovely and we were very grateful.

Milford sound is not a sound but a fjord spelt fiord in NZ. it is the only accessible fiord by road in NZ and is part of the UNESCO world heritage site. The history of this place and the fact that this place is so young - 25 million years old, the damage done by humans and the work being done to stop it.....amazing.

We got home by 7:45 pm...13 hours post, and were very tired. Tomorrow we have an unplanned day but know it will be busy!! So much to little time!!

Quick note from my trader reminded me that the nifty has closed at all time high!! #Holidaysbelikethis

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