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New Zealand Road Trip Day 1 - Hong Kong to Queenstown

All day in a flight I knew this was going to be a long day. 11 hours to Auckland and then a 2 hour flight to Queenstown. We got into our plane and they had some fabulous food and drinks in the flight along with a great movie collection. Kids were all excited and they wouldn't sleep...

After a very comfortable flight we landed in Auckland. What a fantastic welcome at the immigration. There wasn't much crowd and the immigration officer was very friendly. Why can't every country be this welcoming!! Next stop - declare foods we had with us. After dumping the apple and honey, we entered New Zealand.

Our check-in for the next connection was all done by us. Self service all the way - print your own boarding pass, baggage tags and then check the bags ourself. Surely the future of air travel everywhere as airlines look to save cost. The next ride was with Air New Zealand to Queenstown and what a fantastic ride it was - the air hostesses were all very friendly and snacks and drinks were free. Wowow. What's happening?? We could also carry water and liquids with us!! Aaah. The pleasures of flying.. Loving it.

We got to Queenstown around 8:00 pm but you wouldn't know the time by looking outside. After all it was sunny and bright....yep sunny. Picked up our rental car and we headed to our apartment.

Dinner was at FergBurger; click on it to get my detailed restaurant review. Great day comes to an end. #funtimesbegin

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