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New Zealand Road Trip Day 4 - Queenstown & Surroundings

Decided to just get to know the adventure capital of New Zealand better. Post a late breakfast, we drove to Arrow town.

Arrow town is a quaint small town where miners in search of gold settled down about 160 years ago. Some of the houses have been refurbished to give one a sense of their lives. We walked around the area admiring its houses, and bought some local produce berries and plums.

The cafe there is famous for its fruit ice cream... and it was a hot we gobbled it as we made our way back to Queenstown.

The center of Queenstown is nothing but a few streets with the majestic lake Wakatipu on one end. But these streets pack a punch - lots of restaurants and shops in beautiful buildings next to each other. Most of the people working there are visiting students or people who have moved here recently from other countries. British, American and today at the taco place - Mexicans; time to polish my rustic Spanish!!

Post lunch, we walked 500 mts to the Gondola ride to one of Queenstown's most famous site - Skyline Queenstown. The cable car is a steep climb any the views like anywhere here - is unbelievable. The kids were getting very anxious as we were wasting time on the views when we could be out on the Luge. Yes Luge.

The rides were amazing and Lakshmi and I took turn with Thrayee sitting on our laps and the boys and Thrayee loved the rides.

It was a great family activity to close out our visit to Queenstown

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