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About Me

A chance inspiration from an edition of Jack Cranfield’s Chicken Soup for the Soul Series, while I was in college, led me to enlist 100 things I wanted to do before I died.

One thing led to another and I ended up with my life motto
20 years of learning – this is a continuum in my life
20 years of learning and earning – led me working around the world
20 years of learning, returning & earning – living this phase now.
Anything beyond 60 – BONUS!!

With a CA and MBA from Ross Business School & LBS under my belt, I worked up the corporate ladder and my last job was MD, CFO Asia Pacific for JP Morgan in Hong Kong.  But true to my college time pact with myself, when I turned 40, I gave it all up and moved back with my wife Lakshmi and 3 young children (all below 10 years at that time) to Chennai.

I'm an avid Traveler, Sports enthusiast, Movie and Music buff, voracious reader, and an OK Golfer.  I am a Partner in Banconus, a wealth management company and a Partner in Alchemy, a Leadership Coaching and Consulting firm. I'm a Managing Partner in Rasikapriya Fine Arts and a Board Member of Enabling Leadership.

People say “You only live once"


"Live Everyday!! You only Die once! Make this ONE life count!"

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