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New Zealand Road Trip Day 6 - Glacier Town

We started the day with a trek to Fox Glacier. It is one of the few glaciers ending in a rain forest. It is a receding Glacier though it was advancing during the last decade.

It's a few kms drive and then a 45 min walk to the Glacier. Mountains on either side with fresh mountain river flowing in the middle....fresh crisp air...little chilly. It was amazing. We could see the Glacier from the viewing area but we couldn't touch it like we could in Norway.

On the way down we found ice flowing down the river...does that count?? Last 400 m were very steep but the kids helped up quite well and after taking the usual pics we came down and then it began...

It’s like the rains were waiting for us to finish the trek to the Glacier. It poured its heart out...stopping for a bit as if it was daring people to step out...and then it poured again.

Post lunch at a restaurant owned by a South African where an ex- Indian army veteran was helping, we took a break at our room. Then by 5:30 pm, rain or not, we decided to drive down to Lake Matheson and to Franz Joseph Glacier.

Oh how wanted to walk around these places but just couldn't. Rain did give us a break while at the Franz glacier and we got out to take a few pics. Nah the 90 min trek to the Glacier will have to wait. It was as if the nature was saying - what will you do when you come next time??

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