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New Zealand Road Trip Day 5 - Queenstown to Fox Glacier via Wanaka

We bid adieu to the beautiful town of Queenstown...time is flying quickly and today is Day 5 of this trip. Wow.

Beautiful views greeted us everywhere...mountains, lakes and narrow roads. Lakshmi and I thought about how fitting is that we drove to Leh this year and now here. ...

Soon we reached puzzling world outside Wanaka. Funky place - illusion room and a maze. Spent 2 hours enjoying ourself and exhausted and hungry, we left for lunch to Wanaka. Lunch at Big Fig on the lake Wanaka.

We had to walk the lake area and take in the beauty of Wanaka. Beeeaaauuutttifffulll!! We still had 3 hours of drive and it was 3:00 reluctantly we left Wanaka. More beautiful vistas beckoned. We stopped many times to take pics and even went for a 30 min walk to a waterfall.

After refuelling the car and the passengers, we reached Fox Glacier by 8:00 pm and it was still bright and sunny. Checked into our room and had dinner of Kings - Maggi with red wine.

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