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New Zealand Road Trip Day 18 - Auckland

What do we do in Auckland? Most recommendations were for the islands but come on....we have been doing islands and beaches the whole time. what else??

First we said goodbye to Janani. She's going to be staying longer in Auckland. It was great to have her with us for the past many days.

Our first stop for the day - Auckland sky tower. It is just about 350 meters and the first stop - 50th floor was lower than my previous office in Hong Kong (53 floor). I'm not even going to compare it to the Burj!!! But all the same, it had Fab views and the weather had cleared up and 360 view of Auckland was fabulous.

Next the pier and wharf area called as the Wynyard quarter. This place was stunning. Beautiful cafes and bars and restaurants with very pretty boats to look at. The area is also going through renovation and it is awesome to see what they are doing with the place. Containers used as cabins, buoys used as seats, lots of play areas for is amazing and very beautiful.

We cancelled our plan to visit the aquarium and instead must walked around this beautiful area. After some cheese and chocolate shopping we checked into our hotel in the airport area.

This is our last full day in New Zealand. Tomorrow we head home.

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