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New Zealand Road Trip Day 17 - Russell to Auckland

They call it summer storm and it continued to lash Russell all through the night. Howling sounds kept Lakshmi awake while i slept like a log through the night.

Morning the sun threatened to come out only for the clouds to kick it back again and then the sun did come out and then...u get the picture.

We went for a walk around the key sites in Russell - but due to the weather even the I-center was closed. Around 11:30 am we left towards the glow cave in this area. We reached the caves and the sign said - caves flooded.

The news in the radio said power was cut in many locations and roads flooded everywhere as the storm struck NZ hard. Hmmm...Auckland here we come. The rain keep lashing at us unabated and heavy traffic was there everywhere. What should've been a 3.5 hour trip took us almost 6 was great to drive all the same. The rains made the views even prettier and it is amazing how patiently everyone drives through the jams.

I was dead tired when we reached Auckland. We ordered food in the room and packed our bags. Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be great 24c. Tomorrow is our last day of this trip.

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