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New Zealand Road Trip Day 16 - Rotorua to Bay of Islands

An accident according to the dictionary is "an unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting in damage or injury". We were supposed to leave at 715 am to Hobbiton and so I was getting ready at 615am when Lakshmi wanted me to get out. I hate being disturbed during my morning ablutions. Why?? I asked. I have just got in. She says "there's an emergency. Janani's finger is cut and she needs to be taken to the hospital!!

When someone told us about the fantastic hospitals here ....

I always knew there must be a reason. Damn!! The emergency care is fantastic and a few stitches later, my SIL was in better shape. The care is free..x-ray and stitches and 5 hours in emergency care and we paid Nothing. Awesome country. Hobbiton needs to wait for the next trip.

Our first stop - Hamilton. I haven't met Roshni since our kamalapuram days - 1989 to be precise. It was awesome to meet her, her lovely husband and her beautiful daughter.

They were super hosts and we gobbled the biriyani quickly before we got on our way. I kept saying that there was no traffic in NZ. Today we were stuck in traffic. "Be careful what you ask for as you might actually get it".

After all we were crossing Auckland...the pouring rain was also adding to the drama. We reached the ferry to Russell by 8:30 pm....a full 5.5 hours after we left Hamilton.

Today is Indian food day...only diner open at this time was was a long day but we all reached our destination and my SIL Janani is holding up well like a champ.

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