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New Zealand Road Trip Day 15 - Rotorua

This is a busy period in New Zealand...summer and also holidays are not yet over for many. When we decided to go on this trip we knew there would be places where we won't be getting into all the shows we wanted. Rotorua turned out to be that place.

As we checked in we were told by our wonderful host that the waitomo glow worms are too far and anyways they were fully booked. What about the Maori cultural show?? Sold out. It's raining you see!! Guess theseill need to be seen when we come here next time.

We went to city booking office to get our hobbit tickets for tomorrow. The venue comes on our way to bay of islands....guess what...yep sold out!! Lakshmi wanted to walk around and so we did ....curio shopping and we see the hobbit center. Ok let me check here...and yes there are tickets. So we do get to the hobbits tomorrow. Yeehaaw!!

Next stop Rainbow springs nature park ....come to NZ and not see the national bird .... Saw the Kiwis and also learn about them..phew!! It was a good place and all of us had super fun. Now that the Maori event wasn't happening in the evening the kids wanted to go to the Luge again. Yes I know...we did this in Queenstown. But try telling this to my kids. off we went.

The Luge ride in Rotorua is much longer and it was awesome to do it again. It started drizzling but that didn't wane our enthusiasm. Most of us could only stop the Luge by hitting the side walls but thankfully that was only in the last ride. A long day but that didn't stop us from visiting the nature park again. You see the Kiwis are nocturnal and the park opens just this attraction until 1030pm. So off we went to spend a few minutes with this bird.

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