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New Zealand Road Trip Day 12 - Ferry to Wellington

Last day of the year was also the last day in the south islands. We had to drive back the same way we got into Nelson. Had coffee at a lovely restaurant in Havelock and at that point chose the scenic route to Picton.

Got to the ferry terminal well in time and got our cars into the ferry. Only NZ based rental cars are allowed and this was one of the reasons for choosing Jucy.

The ferry was huge and had lots of entertainment options for kids - play area, movie and magic show. Small deck for those wanting to take in the winds. The lunch options and cafe was also very good.

Got to Wellington by 5pm and our apartment was in downtown. All of us got ready for celebrating New year as a family. Usually Lakshmi and I head out with our friends and our children being too young, we have never spent the new years Eve together. Always a first time.

We walked to the main area where there was a live performance. Lots of food options and tons of people. The weather also held up very well. The surprise was this was a NO alcohol zone. So we welcomed the new year with another first - sans liquor.

People were very friendly all around and didn't see much of the jostling and pushing one sees with drunken crowds. Something for our city planners to think about??

Happy new year and may all your dreams come true in 2018.
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