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New Zealand Road Trip Day 11 - Nelson

The Nelson market is quite famous or so we were told by our apartment manager at Nikau Apartments and so we began our day here.

The market is very much like what we find in Europe - local produce by friendly people sold to many visitors. We bought lots of very tasty strawberries and cheese. A friend of ours, Guy who has overlapped with us both in Moscow and Hong Kong was in Nelson. Great to meet his lovely wife and his young kids.

We took his advice and drove to rabbit island which is a beach with a big park. The beach had black sand and wasn't my favorite. That doesn't mean we won't get out and play in the water for some time.

Next stop winery Mahana where lovely wine and fabulous food welcomed us famished beings.

Post resting in the evening we went to a highly recommend dinner place - Hopgood's. Click on the restaurant to get my restaurant review.

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