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New Zealand Road Trip Day 10 - Kaikoura to Blenheim to Nelson

We left Kaikoura by 9am and headed towards the Marlborough area. There are 2 roads to Nelson and we took the shorter coastal road, which just reopened, post the earthquake.

We reached Blenheum for a coffee and soon we were in our first winery. Germany, USA, France, South Africa, Australia and now new Zealand...we really enjoy wine tours. Today, we visited 3 wineyards - St Claire, Cloudy Bay and Allan Scott....lovely wines, superb che...ese and great food. The weather was fantastic as well.

We said goodbye to Marlborough area and got to Nelson by 5pm.

Tonight we were going to dinner to a friend's house. I haven't met Reba Man since B School days. She was very kind to invite us over and off we went. We all had a fantastic time - meeting her lovely family and enjoying their hospitality. The kids bonded very well and it was amazing to see how Rebecca and her lovely husband have been global gypsies as well. What was supposed to be a dinner meet for 2 hours went on for 3.5 hours and I had to literally drag my kids away.

Do keep in touch my friend. Another full day comes to an end. Beautiful views, lovely wines and great friends - what more can we ask for one day!!

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