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Rasikapriya - give back through arts

Updated: May 3, 2018

Rasikapriya begins 2018 with a bang…Thyagaraja Aradhana was very well attended and this was a great opportunity for local artists to showcase their talent while paying homage to Saint Thyagaraja.

Trustees - past and current

We thank Chennai Mathematical Institute for providing us the venue for the event and the participants for taking the time to come and participate in this event. As ever this event couldn't have been possible without our sponsorsOlympia Group and RmKV.

​​And thus started Rasikapriya Fine Arts Academy...with a simple intent - provide a great space for performers of all genres - hindustanic, carnatic, cine, fusion, dance, drama etc., where rasikas can enjoy arts close to their homes and provide a space for budding artists.

Without a venue - Where is your Sabha, was the usual question we got;

Without much money - bootstrap;

Without much time - this isn't our primary work you see;

Without any experience of running anything close to this - we are all working professionals;

With just the passion and the intent to be part of the solution,

With a deep rooted sense of integrity and faith that the world will conspire to make our dream a reality....

6 of us started....Subramanian (Subbu), Rajeshwari (Bindu), Sai, Shivram, Rajeswari & I. Someone like me was so out of depth here....Yes, i enjoy all kinds of music, dance and drama....and grew up with music all around in every coutnry we have lived - my mother is a very good singer as is my brother...but when I opened my mouth to sing, it was always to ensure the gathering was dispersed!!!

You get the picture!! And ragam, swaram, talam, abhinayam....words such as these were Klingon to me....and NO I dont speak Klingon!! Way out of depth but surely this was but another challenge!!

We split our roles in what we were good at – some of us took sponsorship, some took to getting the artists, others took to marketing, members and the rest needed to organize the event. We were after all just 6 of us which meant, we did many things at the same time….and mostly, for the first time.

What should we ask for sponsorship? What about artist negotiation? How should we structure memberships? What about finances and legal work??? And So on and so forth….. Fast forward to present day.....we have had trustees change .....a few have left us with Seetha & Julian joining Sai & I....

It is with great pride and a deep sense of gratitude, we are delighted to finish 3 years of Rasikapriya. 46 events, 14 genres, thousands of satiated audience, 100s of artists aren't just numbers but memories of our sweat and effort that went into creating this beautiful family called Rasikapriya.

This past weekend, we celebrated the 3rd year anniversary with a drama fest - pics enclosed. To a packed auditorium, we had back to back dramas.....very fulfilling when everyone complimented us on the successful event. It was great to have all the trustees - old and current in the same venue....Subbu even came from Pune, just for this event.

I still don’t understand Klingon but am thoroughly enjoying my role as a trustee of this Sabha…..every event is a learning opportunity to push myself into new areas, bringing good art to the residents of OMR, with the support of Sponsors, Artists, Rasikas, and my co-conspirators at Rasikapriya!!

If you are interested in contributing, you know who to reach out to!!

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