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Movie Review - Avengers Endgame (3/5)

When you have 2 boys at home, how can one not watch super hero movies? Esp one that is of the scale of the Avengers.

Our love with Avengers started in 2008 with Iron Man blasting his way in his space suit....his wit and intelligence combined with hubris...the love began there. Through the last decade we have seen some good and some not so good ....but it has been one helluva ride....and oh yeah the franchise has made about 12Bn dollars in this

So we were all eager and behaving like childras we walked into the theatre. After all it has been a rollercoaster 10 years journey.

First off the movie is really long about 3 hours but being indian movie buffs we are used to long movies. But with so many characters all needing space, this movie feels really slow and losing steam.

For much of Avengers: Endgame, the main cast is reduced as much as possible. This is really the story of the original six Avengers and their last, attempt to save the universe. The movie is grand and has great CGU that we expecteout of Avengers .

Yes some characters do need to die but surely they could've been handled better. Overall with a tighter screenplay I think this movie could've been much better .....

A great series comes to an end and just wish we got a fitting finale.

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