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Movie Review - How to Train Your Dragon - The Hidden World (3/5)

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Nine years since its first movie, we get the 3rd version of one of the best kid movies - How to Train your Dragon. Through three films, writer and director Dean DeBlois has beautifully created a heart tugging bond between a child/young man and his dragon.

This movie is all about growing up and letting go.....yep, and nothing much more than that.

The story is about Toothless meeting his mate and the movie spends a lot of time on their courtship and resulting drama. The setting is spectacular and the detailing of each dragon is just beautiful - CG is getting better in every movie.

The story felt very rushed and didn't have much nuances, and the action scenes were fleeting and didn't live upto the prior movies. The plot is not problematic in anyway; it just was too simple and basic. Lets take the evil villain....there is no backstory as to why he hates the dragons? Also why does he NOT just take the dragon, when he first lands inside Hiccups' house??

The original How to Train Your Dragon was a wonder, a joyous, funny, heartfelt film that felt like the beginning of a whole new era for DreamWorks. Instead, it has become a platform for the studio to keep churning out familiar work.

Sad to see a lovely series....losing its plot!!

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