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Movie Review : Bigil (2.5/5)

I usually don't go to first day movies but when a friend had a few tickets, decided to go for the 1030AM show...after all there has been lot of buzz around this movie. The movie only started by 11AM and requires a long 3 hour sitting (excluding the intermission break).

I cant believe that they spent Rs. 180Crores...while the CG is ok, it definitely needs more work. There are 2 Vijays and quite a few football matches with stirring emotional moments of pursuing your dream, marriage and women rights....hitting the right note. The settings for the songs are great and looks very grand. The main message of and upliftment of poor, is very close to me and it is thrilling to see a movie made on this topic. If only I could find a way to connect Enabling Leadership to the movie makers!!

I have not seen Vijay play a character role similar to Rayappan. This was a very underwhelming performance but again being the first of such a role, hope to see him in such roles in future. The movie could have easily done without romance with Nayantara who was anyways struggling with the accent. Also comedy turned out to be more of a tragedy with Vijay appearing in another role that just wasn't required. A strong villain would have also made the movie much stronger....but again there wasn't any space for that in the 3 hour movie!!

The first half is quite slow and the action picks up in the second half...the movie had so many things going for it but it fails to reach its potential...sadly!!

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