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Movie Review - Sanju

Updated: Jul 12, 2018

I have seen a few comments about this movie prior to watching it....

Some were aghast that a "terrorist", druggie is being hailed as a hero!! And not surprisingly, some even were upset that he had slept with 350 women!! Clearly shows how consensual sex between 2 adults are still considered taboo that even the educated have issues with!!

I went to watch this movie with an open mind.....I love Hirani movies and I also like Ranbir as an actor. Ranbir was so good in this movie that I couldn't find him at all...all i saw was Sanjay Dutt!! And this is very tough considering the movie spans the life of Sanjay - youth to middle age and to beaten down old age!!

The other actors like Paresh Rawal, Vicky Kaushal, Dia Mirza and Anushka all do their roles perfectly...Sonam had a small cameo and even that was done well!! Also as a parent, I loved the interactions that Sr Dutt has with Jr Dutt....

You can see the Hirani touch as the movie completely captures you with NO dull moment. There is humour and tragedy and emotion constantly thrown at you ....and just as you get a little emotional, out comes comedy to the rescue!!

Now to the controversy.....yes, Sanjay Dutt did take drugs, the movie acknowledges him as a drug addict and his constant struggles....and the director does touch upon his poor work ethics and privileged background.....Did he own arms....yes....and did the court clear him off any connections to the mumbai blast ....yes to that too!! And importantly, did he serve out the 5 year sentence....yes to that too!!

In this biopic like many others, the story is from Sanjay Dutt's perspective.....making him more of a human and showing his frailties which does make his character endearing and perhaps the main reason for why this movie has made more than 220Crores (as of now)!!

Im not the court to judge him - Im not interested in this!! I have always known that you pay for the choices you make and this one reiterates this aptly. In the end it is a fun movie showing the human interactions - father-son, husband-wife, friend and how most are only interested in throwing stones!! This movie is as much about Sanjay Dutt as it is about our society!!

I loved the movie overall and rate it 4/5

The movie ends with this favourite song of mine....Oh how so true!!

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