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Movie Review - Avengers: Infinity War (4/5)

How does one event attempt to review a movie that has become the fastest movie to cross the $1 Billion mark at the global box office....overtaking Star Wars: The Force Awakens!! This movie reached the milestone in just 11 day!! Go Figure!!

This doesn't include my money and the millions who watched it this weekend.....

Budget of US$320 million with at least 25 superheroes

So where does one go to watch a movie of this scale breaking world records - IMAX of course!! And with so many super heroes in one movie, we were ready for a Hindi/Tamil movie....long with space for every character!!

With a title like this, surely it has to be one involving the "Universe's future" and surely the movie doesn't disappoint here. The movie moves seamlessly from one character to another - spacefaring Guardians meeting the Avengers, Iron man & Dr Strange....all done very well. It has lot of humour and lighter moments but it does require one to have watched the prior movies. It requires more knowledge of events in prior Marvel movies as all the various superhero movies come together in this one. So here's something that I found on FB that Im hoping will help you navigate - the fact that I have watched every one of these .....tells you what a doting father i am!!

There's some torture and severe crushings and thrashings and of course the usual smashed buildings, humongous fights, blasted spaceships and destroyed planets!!

But again, as with any movie of this scale and character, the movie does suffer from some stretch....a certain bloat..there's just too many characters and subplots.....and at 2 hours and 40 minutes, it is a very long movie!! Also some of the plots are a bit goofy and could have been handled better. The movie hits the high notes but not that heights as the fanfare surrounding it!!

But what is undeniable is - its a very grand movie with fantastic CGI and movie does end in a tease....clearly setting us up for 2019, when Part 2 will be released!! Overall a great action oriented movie that should be watched only in a big screen....preferably IMAX!

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