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Tee off with Ramkey: Blog #4: Leading with Empathy

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

One of my favourite quotes comes from Harper Lee's "To Kill a Mockingbird"

“You can never understand someone unless you understand their point of view, climb in that person’s skin, or stand and walk in that person’s shoes.”

Having a good product, or a process or a person is a given in most high performing company or individuals. I believe that the one factor that differentiates Great from Good is "Leading with Empathy".

In a world ravaged with COVID and where many are stressed and scared, if there is nothing else one does, perhaps we will all take a few minutes and try and walk in someone else's shoes.


Welcome to the fourth article of my 18 part series called "Tee off with Ramkey". Here, I will be sharing my key learnings and perspectives from working in large organizations around 10 countries in the world. I hope you find my writing purposeful in helping you launch yourself and navigate complexities in the world. Feel free to connect with me and give me feedback.

I'm a Partner at Alchemy Management Consultancy, where we are constantly enabling Leaders to navigate change in uncertain times. Through our coaching and leadership development programs, we build on your inherent capabilities and help achieve extraordinary results.

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