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Tee off with Ramkey: Blog #5 Are you a Stone or a Sponge?

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

I have been very blessed that my life - education and work took me around the world. I came in touch with the beautiful diversity that this world has, and this story comes from this experience of mine.

In the river of life, we have choices of how to live. How can we embrace viewpoints and perspectives of other cultures, while retaining our unique identity and perhaps even sharing that in new worlds? Is there a way in which we can do both?


Welcome to the fifth article of my 18 part series called "Tee off with Ramkey". Here, I will be sharing my key learnings and perspectives from working in large organizations around 10 countries in the world. I hope you find my writing purposeful in helping you launch yourself and navigate complexities in the world. Feel free to connect with me and give me feedback.

I'm a Partner at Alchemy Management Consultancy, where we are constantly enabling Leaders to navigate change in uncertain times. Through our coaching and leadership development programs, we build on your inherent capabilities and help achieve extraordinary results.

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