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Day 8 INSTC rally - Drive to Baku

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

Today is a big day for me. I know for many coming to Russia and Iran are big but having lived in these countires, for me, today was the biggest day.

After all Azerbaijan is my country no 70!!

We started at 730am from Astrakhan and drove through some fabulous landscapes and were soon in Russia border. I have been to Russia many times but this was the first time we were exiting by road. Cars were checked and passports stamped. Then we drive through no-mans land and drove into Azerbaijan. Here we waited for few hours and soon got our permits and passport stamped.

We were recd by the Azerbaijan motor association and they escorted us with police convoy to Baku. 170 kms was covered in a jiffy thanks to their phenomenal help.

Im so thrilled to enter has taken me long to get out of the 60 country list!!

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