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Day 15 INSTC rally - Shiraz

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

Shiraz is a city in south-central Iran, known for its literary history and many gardens. Shiraz is most likely more than 4,000 years old. The name Shiraz is mentioned in cuneiform inscriptions from around 2000 BC found in southwest corner of the city.

Today we will be spending our time in this ancient city. First stop Nasir Ul Mosque. During the many mosques we visited in Iran, the Nasir Ol Mulk Mosque in Shiraz, also known as the Pink Mosque was one the more simplistic but beautiful mosques we visited on our trip. The sun shines through the stained glass casting a multitude of colours onto the carpet.

Next stop Qavam house and Zinat Ol Molk house where we saw the richness of the wealthy in display. A stop at Vakil bath showed the influence of Turkish Hamams and then Karim Khan citadel. This structure served as a prison post the death of Karim Khan. It is a beautiful structure and the impact of the earthquakes are visible in the leaning towers.

A lunch stop where we had the famous local Pilaf and then a visit to the Eram gardens. The garden is beautiful but it was as unfortunate that we visited during the middle of the day.

Next we visited the marble Tomb of Hafez, honouring the revered poet, which sits within a beautiful garden.

It was 36 degrees centigrade and except some who went shopping, most of us, including me, headed back to the room. Dinner was at a lovely restaurant and we are back for early sleep.

We bid adieu to a few friends who were heading home from here. Tomorrow is the last day of the rally and a long drive in the hot sun beckons!!

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