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Day 16 INSTC rally - Shiraz to Bandar Abbas

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

The final day of the rally comes at last. While I’m happy to be going home, I’m also sad that the rally was ending today.

We started around 730am. After all we have 600 kms to go for the last ride.

The terrain was beautiful and dry with constant changes in colours - purple, red, orange with shades of brown and oh yeah, green. It reminded me of beautiful Nubra valley. The temperatures that the car showed was 46c .....and my eyes were burning. But we drove along.

We couldn’t find any good lunch places and so it was packaged food for us. We reached Bandar abbas by 7pm and the first stop was the museum which was kept open just for us. The museum was small and then we visited a hindu temple. Not functional but amazing to see one in an islamic country. Dinner was at a pizza place. Yes our last dinner was a pizza!!

We were all tired and we bid adieu to the group as we all heading home the next day.

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