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Day 5 - Walk around St Petersburg

There are many ways in which one can get a pulse of the city. Nothing beats walking.

We decided to start with the oldest building in the city - Peter I‘s first house - a wooden house built in 3 days. It looked great and has been well maintained. How could one come to Russia and not get a pulse of the political history of the place. I have studied about the Russian revolution in school and have also read many books This museum brought all these together very well. 2 well spent hours.

Peter and Paul cathedral and castle was our next stop. This is a prominent building and also the oldest monument in the city. The bell tower is also the worlds tallest orthodox bell tower. The church is stunning and houses the tombs of many czars including the last who was killed during the Russian revolution. There’s also a prison inside which was an interesting visit.

We had to checkout of our hotel as the INSTC rally, for which we were here, required us to report to another hotel. So off we went and i was delighted to meet old friends. Not having eaten Georgian since getting to Russia, off I went, along with 5 others for a lovely dinner.

Another day and about 20k steps completed.

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