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Day 5 INSTC rally - Volgograd to Astrakhan

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

Today was a shorter ride just 424 kms. 

We started the day with a visit to the memorial where we met a war veteran. Considering it was a short ride we left only by 10am.

The drive was through arid regions right along Volga. Even though we were right next to the Volga river, the landscape was very dry like a desert. We sighted a few animals as we drove - fox, snake and a few birds.  

We stopped for lunch in a Uzbek restaurant. Food took quite some time to come and it provided good opportunity to catch up with some of the fellow travellers. The soup and the lamb was fantastic. Worth the wait!!

We reached Astrakhan by 8pm. Had dinner at the hotel and we walked to a local bar for some drinks. One of the fellow drivers had a friend here who took us to a lovely bar.

Tomorrow is a restday. Clothes need time to dry don't they??

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