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Day 3 - Moscow to St Petersburg

Updated: May 16, 2018

Considering we have visited the Kremlin and its vicinity the last few days and we were sure the rally would cover the same again, we decided to visit another area. It was a toss up between Arbat and VDNKH and the latter won. Yes Arbat is beautiful but I have been there many times!!

Best way to get to VDNKH - metro. What else. Lakshmi would be thrilled that I'm using the metro so much. After all during our stint in 2004-05, I don't remember using the metro more than once...hmmm...when was that once?? We got off the metro and the grand cosmonaut meseum welcomed us. Everything is so huge. We are after all in Moscow. Just grand. Too bad the museum was closed - monday you see. 

My friend Smita was coming to see me. NVDKH was under construction and many places were closed off. This is going to be the main congregation for the FIFA world cup and I can visualise the grandeur. Took a tram (yeah I know) and went to the nearby TV station.  There is a beautiful lake and an amazing church. Breathtaking isn't it.  The surprise was seeing Tulips; had to stop and take pictures.

Then ordered uber and got to our hotel and after a short break off we went to Leningradsky Vokzal for our super fast Sapsan train to St Petersburg. Took Metros to get there and after picking up sandwiches off we went to St Petersburg. Last time i was here lakshmi and I  took the night train.  

635kms in just over 3.5 hours. Wowow. The trains are comfortable and clean and service is fantastic. Another Uber and we were in our hotel. Walked around the area and retired late.

Room with a view

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