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Day 2 INSTC rally - Moscow

We were back in Moscow. Yep. Have aa already been here earlier so we decided toto take our rally by friends out and visit parts of Kremlin that we had missed out last time.

Considering we had a long day yesterday, I decided to start late. After breakfast at the hotel, walked a bit and got to the Metro and soon we were at the Kremlin. Our friends were standing in a queue to see Lenin's mousoleum and we lucked out and joined them. There was a long queue and but for my friends we would've wasted 1 hour atleast. Hmm.

This was my first visit to the mousoleum. Lenin's embalmed body is kept in a very solemn place with security guards at every corner. No photos are allowed and we were out in a jiffy.

Next Kremlin beckoned. It started raining just as we entered the kremlin ticket office. The armoury building tickets were sold out. So off we went to see the various churches inside. It was still drizzling but a bit of rain wouldn't fizzle our enthusiasm, now would it??

Kremlin has some fabulous cathedrals - Annunciation, Assumption and Archangel. Beautiful inside and outside. Then we went to see the world's largest bell which weighs almost 202,000 kgs. Yep. And no wonder it was never tolled!!

Slowly as the weather also improved we set out of Kremlin. Park Zaryadi was next. Its a new park that definitely needs much more time and hungry stomachs aren't suited for it. I haven't been to Arbat since my times in Moscow in 2005. Russian lunch with local beer followed by a lovely stroll. Novy Arbat or new Arbat is definitely looking much better. And so is Moscow overall.

Back to the hotel and again another 500+kms drive beckons tomorrow.

Dasvidanya Moskva.

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