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Day 11 INSTC rally - Lankaran to Tehran

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

The reason for staying in Lenkaran is due to its proximity to the border with Iran. Considering the border only opens by 830am we left around that time and got to the Azerbaijan border by 10am. 

In a swift clearance due to the involvement of Indian embassy, the entire convoy of 18 cars were cleared into Iran in 4 hours ....just 4 hours. 

Soon we were off on our way. The Iran Automotive association had arranged lunch for us and post that they also had a museum visit fixed.  They have various house designs from all over Tehran and also on display were fancy cars.

Time was running and it didn't look like we were going to make it to Tehran in time.  Everyone was hungry and so we stopped for dinner at 11pm. Yep!!  We got to Tehran by 2am and to our rooms by 3am. Dead beat. 

550 kms and border crossing all in 1 day. Our longest day in the drive. I was very nostalgic....after all I'm back in Iran after 20 years. 

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