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Day 1 INSTC rally - St Pete's to Moscow

What is INSTC rally??

INSTC is International North South Transport Corridor and is intended to open a corridor for ship, rail and road route to move freight among India, Russia and Iran, and thereby to Europe and central Asia. 

The rally began early.  We were asked to report at 615am and picked our breakfast boxes. First stop was a photo op with the Indian consular who had come to flag off the rally. 

So off we went. My car was no 12 and we had 3 otherin my car - Harish my friend and a lovely couple from Mumbai. They are rally veterans and have done quite a few rallies with Mahindra Adventure.  Since we had 3 drivers in the car, we were going to take turns driving during the day.

715 kms in 14.5 hhours

After all we had to take many breaks - fuel, food and pit stop.  Now we are all tired and tomorrow we spend in Moscow. 

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