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Day 1 - Chennai to Moscow

There are many ways to get to Moscow from Chennai and the shortest and least expensive one is via Delhi. Only catch you have to fly Aeroflot to Moscow. The flight to Delhi was quite easy and it was great to have the kids and Lakshmi come to bid adieu.

We had a 3 hour layover in delhi and got something to eat in the lounge. We lucked out that there wasn't much of a crowd in both the airports. When you think of Aeroflot you joke about traveling in cargo as they have the best seats. However, it was a very pleasant surprise. The plane was a good one and the service was very very good. The flight left and arrived on time. Hmm.

Everytime I have landed in Moscow in the past, we have had long waits in the immigration esp when Lakshmi was with me. This time, it was a breeze,......but ofcourse Lakshmi wasn't with me!! We took the express train to Belorussky station and walked to our hotel - Marriott Tverskaya. Lakshmi and I spent almost 3 months here in 2004 and the hotel.looked exactly as I remember it from then.

Our plans with Atul and Anahita changed from dinner to lunch and off we went to a restaurant nearby. Time flew quickly as we discussed everything from politics to sports to retirement. It was great to catch up with old friends and the food was excellent as well.

Stomachs full Neel and I decided to take in some sights of Moscow - Red Square followed by St Basil's cathedral and then GUM. Took the metro and got back to our hotel.

It was good to be back in Moscow. Google Fit showed 14000 steps done. Yeehaaw one way to burn all the food we were eating!! It has been a long tiring day ..after all haven't slept much in 2 days. Early night so that I can get to see more........refreshed.

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