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Movie Review - Captain Marvel (2/5)

What do you do with a movie whose primary purpose seems to be a setup for Avengers:Endgame!! What do you do with a prequel that seems to have come very late??

Well, that in short is what this movie is all about. Watch the trailer here.

Right from the beginning, the movie moves slowly hitting you hard with pointless backstories about 2 species - the Kree and the Skrulls!! There are many fights with intermittent flashbacks but in the end, this movie falls way short of the Avenger series.

Oh yeah...story...what story!! Don't even get me started here!!

Brie Larsen has done a very basic job along with Ben Mendelsohn but I felt no emotional connect with any of the characters. There is not much humour or even anger or for that matter any emotion that one can connect to.

The only places that everyone seemed to connect to is when the movie connects to Avengers - Endgame and also provides insight into the backstory of Fury!!

Exhausting to even write about this movie!!

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