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Paatti Veedu, T. Nagar, Chennai (5/5)

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

A friend of mine knew the owners Mohandas & Sangeetha and suggested we meet there for lunch. There is a valet for the car and you know you are in for a grand lunch as you enter the restaurant.

The setting is beautiful and not pompous, the ceiling light and fans are beautiful as is the wall fresco. The menu is set on the table - fixed but man it runs for a full page.

The plates and cutlery are modern and the service is quick. Our meal started with starters, which my friend repeated. Vadai soaked in sambhar was too good to resist. The food is simple but there is so much variety and you have to try eating each one of the dishes served.....and it is yummy. We found out that Mohandas' mother not only designed the menu but also tastes the food ....and it shows.

In an age where international cuisine is the in thing, this restaurant shows that traditional cuisine has space....when done well. They have their own FB page....

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