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Movie Review Black Panther (5/5)

Updated: Apr 25, 2018

It is way beyond the average superhero movies. Interesting plot with differing loyalties - family vs country vs race, setting that is unlike any we have seen, fights that are fast and cast that is absolutely brilliant.

Also, when was it that you saw an all black cast, lead an action movie!! Yes, they did have one white man in the movie....we thought it was funny!! I say long overdue..Men and women treated as equals, with quick witty dialogues.......

What a movie!! Must watch!!

Yes, there is violence but clearly this one has many great things going far outweighing the bad!! It was also very refreshing to have the ending not be the typical superhero movie - superhero has to save the city or the world from an army of enemies and if he doesnt, that is the END OF THE WORLD!!

Surely, none of us remember the climax scenes of most recent superhero movies!! Also, Bam BAM and more BAM....break everything that comes in front...not this one.....this one stands out and you will remember it for that!!

A movie that was superbly executed and one where you cant take your eye off the movie. All the kids were saying was "Awesome" and "Fantastic"!!

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