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Beautiful just the way you are

Why do we dye our hair?? A simple act that tells a lot about us, doesn't it!! In my family, most of the adults dye their hair and we see this everywhere around us....dont we!!

I know all about "deformities" or "abnormalities"!!

I was a very thin kid with a prominent long nose, a protruding lower jawline with a bow leg and a stoop in the stance and oh yeah, receding hair line (not broad forehead).....and on and on!!

Many kids have made fun of my nose....I have been called many names. It used to affect me and I have gotten into many fights about it. I have also been advised to get my lower jaw bone corrected surgically.....yes, so that I can look better!!


And as I have traveled the world and have grown a bit wiser....just a bit.....I have learnt that we are all just as good as we are....if diversity of opinions make the world more beautiful, surely diversity of looks and colours and shapes, only adds to the world's beauty!!

And yes, I tell my wife Lakshmi not to dye her hair....why don't we just age gracefully, i say....I don't think she agrees with me as yet!!

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