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Same storm but different boats

"We are all in the same boat", said a friend of mine. We were discussing how the pandemic has hit everywhere in this world.

' I had a slightly different perspective!

We are in the same storm but we are in different boats. Some are in a catamaran and they are getting tossed around, losing their loved ones. Others are in a slightly larger boat and even here, once in a while, someone gets tossed around....while others are in larger boats with some even in a Ships that do get tossed a bit but all is well within.

This is even more evident in the space of education. This pandemic has induced school lockdowns and this is threatening the fault lines between privileged and the others even further. Indian schools have been closed for a year and as a country only 5 countries have higher closures than us - Nepal, Uganda, Palestine, Iraq & Myanmar!! See the enclosed chart from Mint.

I have 3 children aged 8, 11 and 14 and coming from an affluent and better educated family, their learning has been impacted but not by much!! Yes, they know how privileged they are. Many of us must be in this same large Cruise ship.

Now imagine the families that are facing lockdowns, loss of jobs and health issues running pillar to post just to find a bed/oxygen and also having to educate their kids!! Something has to give and it is usually the kids' education.

Study after study shows that the pandemic has only added to the historical disadvantages of birth!!

Surely we can do our part in alleviating and bridging this gap. If we don't act now, then this gap is ONLY going to widen, impacting an entire generation. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on schooling is a ‘generational catastrophe’.

I'm very proud that Enabling Leadership, where I'm in the Board, is doing great work to solve just this issue. Using music, football and Legos, we are teaching kids problem solving, creativity, analytical thinking, collaboration, communication, ethics, action and accountability.

You can also help. Take a look at or contact me.

Become an Enabler.

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