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Want to do something about Gender Equality?

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

A month ago, Citigroup announced Jane Fraser as its next CEO. The headline reads "Citigroup's Jane Fraser to be the first woman CEO of Wall Street bank"!!

The Nobel committee announced its winners this past week. "Woman Scientists" beamed headlines.

Near home in India, in another state, a woman was brutally raped and murdered!! The airwaves were filled with this news....where is the justice?

Why am I connecting 3 seemingly unconnected news? After all, they happened in 3 different parts of the world!!

We are in the 21st century - a century with technological innovations and yet, we only now have a woman as CEO in a bank and that too in the financial capital of the world. I have had the privilege of working with women throughout my career in international banking in 10 countries around the bosses, as colleagues and direct reportees....and yet no CEO in a US Bank till now!!

What about science? Surely the scientific field is much more democratic and yet the works of women are rarely acknowledged, so much so that it is NEWS when they will the noble prize!! As if only men have the right to this award?

What more horrendous way to show one's power than to rape and mutilate a person. Rapes have become so common that it is only when it is brutal beyond our comprehension that it even makes it to the news!!!

What can we do about it??

I grew up in a household with very strong women. My mother is a very strong person, one who faced adversity with aplomb. I was also surrounded by very able strong women and was brought up to never discriminate. I'm married to a strong woman who traverses cultures easily bringing a smile to everyone she touches! Together we are raising 3 kids where we try and reinforce this message of respect and equality with my boys as much as I do with my daughter.

How do we go about imparting this message of equality and respect to young kids so that they grow up as responsible respectful adults?? What if I told you that we can do this in a fun way - using Football, Legos and Music as a medium?

Imagine a football game where boys and girls play together and they are taught to acknowledge good game irrespective of gender?
Imagine that the boys and girls are taught, it is OK to wear shorts for girls just as it is ok for boys?
Imagine again a space of creativity and teamwork at a young age that sows the seeds of respect as they grow!!

What am I doing about this?

This is what I wish to accomplish through my work as a Board member of Enabling Leadership (EL). At EL we support the holistic education and development of about 5000 underprivileged children, primarily in India.

If you also feel it is time to create an impact, then you can help my campaign to educate Girl children by clicking the link below.

Please reach out to me should you wish to help in any other way too or you would like to partner with us.

It should stop becoming news and become normal when a woman wins the Nobel, prize,

It should be normal when a woman becomes the US President

It should be normal that women are running large corporations...and yes,

It should be normal that girls and women don't get raped!!!

We have a long way to go in actually becoming equal! Yes, a long way...but we can all do our part in making this happen faster!!

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