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Stop worrying about the Budgets

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will present her second union budget on Saturday, February 1. Stock exchanges usually closed on weekends will be open like any other weekday.

The protests over CAA along with a slump in GDP growth at 5%, the slowest pace since 2012-13, provides a very stormy environment. In 2019 alone, foreign investors have pumped Rs 1 Trillion into Indian Equities. This is due to hope that the policies the FM announces will rescue the economy from its slump.

There seem to be equal parts of excitement and dread among investors. Will she pull out a rabbit out of her hat or will the measures be too timid or will it be too big and disruptive!!

What should long term investors do? NOTHING!!

There is so much brouhaha about the budget and you are telling us to do nothing....Yes!

The budget's importance as an economic tool was always low and with all the changes made recently, its importance is perhaps, at an all-time low. With GST, Indirect tax is out of the ambit and a key change in the corporate tax rate actually happened in August!! That only leaves 2 things that everyone is watching the budget for - Personal income tax and Capital Gains.

There is another key reason why we shouldn't worry about Budgets!! It is about the controllables - what we can control.

We can control when we invest, what we invest and how much we invest in. We can control how we react to events, how long we remain invested and who we choose to invest with!! We don't have much control on RBI policy or the USA - China Trade war or for that matter the Budget.

While everyone else worries about the Budget, we wish in this new year that we will be a small group of people, who will focus on how much we save, how and what we invest in...things that have a much bigger impact on our financial goals.

Source: Livemint & Value research

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