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Experts and Market Moves

This past week, we lost India's most famous investor - Rakesh Jhunjhunwala.

There are many articles that have been written about him but this article in the Outlook gives us a peek into his journey.

That set me thinking about whether experts are good at predicting market behaviours.

“Anyone who thinks there’s a formula for investing that guarantees success (and that they can possess it) clearly doesn’t understand the complex, dynamic, and competitive nature of the investing process. The prize for superior investing can amount to a lot of money. In the highly competitive investment arena, it simply can’t be easy to be the one who pockets the extra dollars.” - Howard Marks, Founder, Oaktree Capital

This chart was updated regularly by US analyst, Jon Boorman, prior to his death in 2020.

Source: Graham Hand

This clearly shows that only investors who are able to shut out the noise and invest for the long term can benefit from market success.

Look at India's sensex much gloom and doom just a month ago and the market has shrugged and moved higher.

Every market will have bright spots and warning signs. As an investor with so much noise on inflation, recession and interest rates, it is very difficult to stay focused.

Warren Buffett says, "Investing is simple, but it's not easy"

Stay focused on your goals and asset allocation. Stop trying to time the market; even the experts get it wrong most of the time. Source: LiveMint, ET, Firstlinks, Outlook

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