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Road Trip to Leh Day 9 - Kargil to Leh

Updated: Jun 17, 2018

The balance 230 kms beckoned. We left at a leisurely 8:00 am.

The car dash was showing less air in all tyres....hmmm. Also I saw a nail in my back tyre. Went to the tyre shop and the nail was only a small one and didn't puncture my tyre.

Off we went. First stop in Mulbek where the 20 centuries old Maitrya Buddha shrine welcomed us. Stopped for a tea at an army camp where we noticed back tyre air was way less!! Puncture!! Damn.

Filled air again at a shop where they didn't have any capacity to fix puncture and after 55 kms found a place where the puncture was fixed!! Very lucky!! Two further stops - confluence of Zanskar and Indus and the magnetic hill, post a quick Rajma Chawal with veggies lunch at Khaltse.

We reached Leh by 5 and after getting lost a bit found our way to our "home stay".

So how was the 2 day drive??

How do I explain the amazement at every corner?

How do I explain the tension climbing Zoji LA?

How do I explain the vivid colours??

How do I explain the warmth of individuals - army and locals.

How do I even attempt describing the natural beauty.

How do I explain the flutter in my heart at the scenery or the skip of heart beat as trucks slipped climbing

What about the ferocity of Jhelum or the majestic mountains!!

We are after all at 3500mts above sea level.

Neither language nor pictures do justice. You have to experience it to believe it. It's as if "god" took time off to create this beautiful place.

Tomorrow we stay in Leh and get acclimatised and get permits.

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