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Road Trip to Leh Day 1 - Chennai to Hubli

The day began very early - woke up at 4:20 am. After all we were planning to go 760 kms and I don't drive beyond sunset in India .

We left home at 5:50 am; not bad considering we had to bundle 3 kids!! By 8 am A2B was too welcoming to not get in - I could hear Aniketh’s stomach grumbling!! Hehe

We thought we would stop at Hosur for coffee but we went on upto Tumkur by 12:30 pm and stopped for a coffee and snack. Post one other cafe coffee day break at Devanagare, we reached Hubli by 4:50 pm.

Weather gods blessed us as well. Rains in a few places but nothing too stressful. The roads were great, except closer to Hubli as were the toilets.

760 kms in 11 hours including 3 breaks. I'd say that was a great start. Tomorrow we should be beyond Mumbai

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