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Road Trip to Leh Day 3 - Nashik to Chittorgarh

Updated: Jun 17, 2018

We left hotel at 6:40 am, progressively leaving a little late as the driving distance is also getting shorter.

Only in India does one see speed breakers in a highway. In Maharashtra they seemed to have take this a step further - rumblers that will break your car or your back!! Maaan there were so many in the route - only saving grace, there were signs at most places!!

After 150 kms we stopped by Vithal Kamat's and had Misal Pav for breakfast; come one we are in Maharashtra!! A Dhaba in MP, a vegetarian one, beckoned us for lunch. Most places in this route were vegetarian.

We had food in road side restaurants - service was great and food was tasty. Kids were bugged that there were so many flies!! It was funny seeing them trying to swat them!!

By 6:20 pm, 11.5 hours since we left and 694 kms later we were in Chittorgarh. We had breakfast in Maharashtra, had lunch in MP and dinner in Rajasthan. Awesome.

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