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Road Trip to Leh Day 8 - Srinagar to Kargil

Srinagar had curfew the day before we arrived and similarly was closed the day after we left. 😉The distance between Srinagar and Leh is only 435 kms and yet this is done in 2 days. Why??

We go from 1500 mtrs above sea level to 3500 mtrs in Leh. Best to do it slowly. The roads aren't easy and we could be stuck for hours if the road gets blocked.

We left Srinagar yesterday at 8:00 am. Drove out of city and a part of the highway was blocked. We saw a lot of young men standing around the center as we crossed the hazrat bal area. Soon we left Srinagar behind and started our journey to kargil.

​First stop - Sonamarg. It started raining as soon as we took a break. It was a beautiful picturesque place. The empty road soon became a road block - someone hit someone and we were stuck there for another 1 hour.

We left sonamarg and the roads became very bad. We crossed the famous Zoji La which is at 3500 mts altitude. The path was steep and the truck in front of me was slipping and skidding. I was driving in 1st or 2nd gears for about an hour. Incredible!! This road comes in the world's most dangerous roads.

Second stop Kargil memorial. A tribute to our soldiers. "Many live in peace due to the some who gave their lives". Amazing place!!

After another stop for tea we reached Kargil by 4:30 pm. Nothing much to see here and we also wanted to get ready for the ride next day.This was by far the toughest ride in my life and definitely the most fun. 202 kms took 8 hours.

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