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Road Trip to Leh Day 7 - Srinagar

Updated: May 4, 2018

This was our first day where we weren't going anywhere in a week. So what is the first thing you do??After a lovely breakfast in our boat house we decided to spend the day in Srinagar.

Shankaracharya hill, with its beautiful views from the top, came first. The place is right across from dal lake and after car was checked by the CRPF, we drove up the hill.

Then a flight of about 280 steps welcomed us. That was easy even for Thrayee. The views at the top were spectacular. The city is so beautiful with so many water ways and buildings. Unfortunately, due to security reasons, no cameras or phones were allowed.

Next some lovely Kashmiri lunch beckoned and we weee off to the famous tulip garden. Kids wanted to know how a park had no play arenas - theme parks!!

Then we went on a 90 minute Shikari ride. As soon as we got in the rain gods decided to welcome us and after some time it was so heavy we had to seek shelter in a shop. It was like Lakshmi had a direct line with the rain god.

It took enough time my wife to have chosen her anniversary gift and the rain couldn't have stopped sooner for me!!😜 Now resting in our boat house as our drive continues tomorrow.

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