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Hong Kong - Day 3

We decided to take it easy today. After 2 full days why not just walk around and take in the city. After a late Saturday night, we were sure of a late start.

​Started quite late and first stop - coffee with a good friend and ex-colleague Tim and his lovely family. Then we went to wan chai computer center and wan chai market. Another colleague Polly Wong dropped by.

We came back to the hotel and caught up with Raj and then 4D movie - star wars beckoned with... our friends Suhasni Sagar Singh and Vikram Singh. The movie was just ok and we closed the night with dinner at a Thai place. Yep I know it was supposed to be a lazy day and we did a lot.

As we sleep I thank my lucky stars for the lovely people we have been blessed with, in our lives. Friends who have made our lives richer and who take the time to spend with us. Tomorrow we leave to Macau

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