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Hong Kong - Ocean Park - Day 2

The best time to get to ocean park is by 10am when it opens. To get there one needs to getup by 7:30 am at the latest. So what does one do when one wakes up by 9:15 am??​

You rush through and hope you can get there early. But with a full Marriott buffet breakfast it is impossible to rush!! We got to ocean park by 11:30 am in the new MTR connection from Admiralty. Awesome.

We need to learn about public transport from the folks in Hong Kong. ... So many memories came flooding - many 'son'days have been spent here - just the boys and I. We started with the cable car and then post a few rides realized suddenly that the crowds have just swelled. How can you complain about the crowds you ask??

I know coming from India we expect hug crowds but this was beyond anything we have seen. Every ride had 45 min wait....just unbelievable. Luckily we knew which ones we wanted to we made the most of the day.

Temperature dropped to about 12c by the evening and we headed back to the hotel. Quick shower and change and we were off to Suhasni and Vikram house. We dropped the kids off and LKF here we come.

Few friends dropped by for dinner and then we went bar hopping. How many nights have we spent here. Nothing has changed except for new names in old places. The place is as vibrant as we remembered it to be.

Awesome night wound down by 2:00 am - picked up our kids and back at our hotel.

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