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Road Trip to Leh Day 20 - Narsinghpur - stop 2

Updated: May 3, 2018

We left by Greater Noida only at 8:00 am. We slept late and were a bit behind schedule.

We left the chaos called Greater Noida and soon entered Yamuna expressway. Wow. What lovely roads and being an expensive toll road there was very little traffic. In 2 hours we were in Agra - 180 kms in 2 hours. Amazing.

Post a good breakfast at CCD, Agra, we moved onwards. The highway cut through many villages and the traffic was horrendous. An hour or so later we entered the highway again.

The roads are fantastic in both these states - UP & MP. And it didn't have any back breaking speed breakers or traffic. And yet we had to brake hard many times. Wondering why??

12 hours 775 kms - great day.

Cows! Holy Cow. It is amazing that we would see 100s of cows sitting in the middle of many NH roads. Unbelievable. Not only did I need to get these bovines to move but many times also anticipate which directions they would go!! All the while the cows owner was eagerly watching!! It is at these times that I'm glad I've played "Mario kart"!!

The roads through Central India don't have good eating joints. We all ate cup o noodles in the car and 2 tea stops later, reached our hotel by 7:40 pm.

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