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Road Trip to Leh Day 19 - Greater Noida-stop no.1 Noida

Updated: May 3, 2018

Break at club Mahindra Manali was exactly what we needed. All good things do come to an end and we also had a very long drive and hence left at 6:30 am.

Greater Noida, our first stop is only 580 kms. But 1/3rd of that is in mountains and that means it was going to be a long drive.

The roads in mountains were lovely and 2 laned, great change from what we had encountered the last many days. There were many landslides - rocks adorned the roads at many places.

While the kids had handled the mountains well in the past week, they couldn't today. Aniketh was throwing up for most part of the mountains. Thrayee who doesn't like to be left out, decided to give him company. We had lunch as soon as we hit the plains and only then were the kids feeling better. Rotis never tasted better!!

We covered 5 states today - Breakfast at Himachal, lunch at Punjab, tea in Haryana and Delhi and dinner at UP.

We reached our lovely hotel by 8:30 pm.

It took us a good 14 hours - rocks, mountains, rains and Delhi traffic making it a long day.

Kids never lost their energy through the drive but it just shot through the roof as soon as they saw the bath tub.

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