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Road Trip to Leh Day 17 - Keylong to Manali

Updated: May 3, 2018

We decided to get out of Keylong early. Keylong to Manali is only 120 kms and yet this can take anywhere from 5 to 10 hours. Hmm. That's not reassuring, is it? My last attempt to get to Rohtang was in 2009 and we couldn't make it because it was snowing.

We left at 6:10 am and the roads were good in the beginning and then as we got near to Rohtang, history repeated itself. Diversion and lack of roads....only respite - traffic was minimal. The view was completely different in HP - so much more greenery.

Rohtang was crossed without much issue. After all it was only 13 k feet high. Hehehhe. After quick aaloo paranthe and tea we began our descent to manali. Then fog hit us. Visibility was close to just a few feet. Kids enjoyed it a lot and then by 10:30 am, we were in club mahindra Manali.

Uneventful 4 hour drive to Manali. Very grateful.

We checked into the hotel and are enjoying the facilities. Kids spent all the evening in kids zone playing various games while Lakshmi and I are just chilling.

I have been driving for the past 7 days in pretty horrid conditions crossing various high altitude passes. Also we didn't have any network - phone or wifi in all these places.

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